Composite Vs Wood

Based on 15Msq of decking. This includes associated joists, pedestals, supports, deck boards, smart bits, labour and screws required to complete a project. Cost of wooden option is based around current DIY & trade store prices. Maintenance for wooden decking includes cleaning and oiling, each year, including labour to ensure it has a 10 year life span. The composite only needs brushing off with a nylon brush and water.

                                                    Wooden Deck ( 10 year lifespan )                                                               Composite Deck ( 25 year lifespan )

Materials                                     £800 x 2.5 (will need replacing during 25 yr period)  = £2000                 £2560

Labour                                         £800 x 2.5 (will need replacing during 25 yr period) = £2000                  £800

Maintenance                               £150 per year                                                                 = £3750                  £0          

Totals for 25 year life span                                                                                                 =£7750                   £3360

While the cost for the composite decking is the full £3360 on day 1 compared to just £1600 for the wooden deck, this saving is short lived over the life of the decking. Our high quality Ecodek products come with a 25 year guarantee and offer a high quality finish in up to 5 colours and 2 styles.

 If you have little spare time the maintenance is very easy and cost free compared to traditional wooden decking which often becomes discoloured with green algae and requires regular treatment.

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