Q) Is the product really Carbon Negative?

A) This is a bold claim but is one that has been independently verified. A life-cycle assessment undertaken by the Bio Composites Centre of Bangor University considered the production of Ecodek products on a cradle to factory gate basis. This process accounted for all significant materials, transport, energy use and packaging inputs. The results confirmed that the production of EcodekĀ® had the net effect of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than adding to it; a carbon negative product.

Q) Is there a warranty that comes with the product? 

A) Yes, There is a 25 year manufacturers limited warranty* for both residential and commercial applications.

Q) What is the best way to clean my decking?

A) With a wood polymer deck cleaner and soft nylon broom followed by washing off with water. ( please note DO NOT use a jet wash).

Q) How can I see the product before purchase?

A) There are 2 ways, either you can arrange to visit us at our storage depot (see details in Free Collection) or order a sample pack from the accessories page.

* See terms and conditions