Q) How much product do I need for my deck? 

A) You will need either 3 x 2.4M Boards or 2 x 3.6M Boards per M sq. You will also require 1 box of screws per 5M sq of decking. We recommend all installations use a smart bit to ensure correct predrilling of the boards and our spacers are specifically designed to give even spacing throughout your project. If you are purchasing our joists you will require 1 joist per M sq and for pedestals to go with these then a further 8 per joist. If you are at all unsure please just pick up the phone to us or email us directly for advice.

Q) Is the product really Carbon Negative?

A) This is a bold claim but is one that has been independently verified. A life-cycle assessment undertaken by the Bio Composites Centre of Bangor University considered the production of Ecodek products on a cradle to factory gate basis. This process accounted for all significant materials, transport, energy use and packaging inputs. The results confirmed that the production of EcodekĀ® had the net effect of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than adding to it; a carbon negative product.

Q) Is there a warranty that comes with the product? 

A) Yes, There is a 25 year manufacturers limited warranty* for both residential and commercial applications.

Q) What is the best way to clean my decking?

A) With a wood polymer deck cleaner and soft nylon broom followed by washing off with water. ( please note DO NOT use a jet wash).

Q) How can I see the product before purchase?

A) There are 2 ways, either you can arrange to visit us at our storage depot (see details in Free Collection) or order a sample pack from the accessories page.

* See terms and conditions